18 species of owls with irresistible faces (2023)

Owls are extraordinary members of the bird kingdom. These creatures have huge eyes, cute round or heart-shaped faces, and lots of feathers. There are two types of owls: the barn owl and the true owl. Most of the world's owls - 200 species - are true owls, while there are only 16 species of barn owls.Owls range in height from six inches to over two feet. These birds of prey are mainly nocturnal and have many unique ways of securing their prey.

Here are 18 captivating owl species with irresistible faces.


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Long-eared owl

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Occurring in North America, Europe and Asia, long-eared owl (Asio Otus) oftenlives in abandoned nestsbirds of similar size, such as hawks, ravens and magpies. The diet of these medium-sized owls consists mainly of small mammals that they encounter in open areas.

After courtship involving aerial displays and male calls, most eared owls form monogamous pairs.(Listen to the long-eared callvia the Macauley Cornell Library.)


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barn owl

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barn owl (Those albums), with a distinctive heart-shaped face, is found on all continents except Antarctica. The most widespread species of owl, the barn owl, hunts in the open at night. While nesting, owls gather up additional voles, rats, mice, and other mammals to feed their young.

Barn owls have excellent hearing and fluffy feathers that conceal their approach, allowing owls to successfully capture prey undetected.


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Spotted Owl

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Spectacled owl, native to southern Mexico, Central America and parts of South America (Pulsatrix has been punctured) prefers to live in dense, old-growth rainforests. This fast-moving, non-migratory owl preys on small mammals that are active at night.

Named for its appearance, which is characterized by white markings around yellow eyes that look like glasses, this owl can easily hide in tropical foliage.


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Oriental bay owl

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Oriental Owl (Fodilus Badius) is a night owl found throughout Southeast Asia. Its preferred habitat is dense evergreen forests near water bodies. A subspecies of the barn owl, the oriental owlbay owl. It has a similar appearance, but is smaller than typical barn owls.

It uses holes in trees and trunks to perch and nest, and it hunts prey perched on tree branches hidden from view.

Eastern Squeaky Owl

18 species of owls with irresistible faces (5)

Eastern eagle owl (Otus asiolisten)) is a small owl that ranges in height from six to nine inches. Eastern owls, active mainly at night, hunt birds and small mammals, as well as insects, frogs, lizards and tadpoles. These real owls haveexcellent camouflage skills— depending on their unique coloration, they find a perfectly matching hollow in the tree to rest.

Native to eastern North America from Canada to Mexico, this short and stocky species has a misleading name. It doesn't actually scream, but it makes a descending tremolo call. (Hear the call of the eastern owlvia the Macauley Cornell Library.)


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Snowy Owl

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Real Owl, Snowy Owl (I am a Scandinavian owllisten)) is one of the largest owl species and the heaviest species of owl in North America.Although it occurs mainly inarctic tundraNative to North America, Europe and Asia, these snow-spotted birds occasionally visit the east coast of the United States.

If readily available, the snowy owl feeds mainly on lemmings and holds off breeding when lemmings are scarce in the Arctic. Snowy owl nests are simple depressions in the snow shaped by the female's body.

The snowy owl is listed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

14 facts about the wonderful snowy owl


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Eurasian eagle owl

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One of the largest species of owls, the Eurasian Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo) has a wingspan of five to six and a half feet.A powerful predator, the Eurasian Eagle Owl eats everything from small mammals to snakes and other reptiles, and even larger prey such as foxes or similarly sized birds and owls.

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Found throughout Europe and Asia, these true owls inhabit a variety of habitats including forests, deserts and mountains. Pairs mate for life, nesting in rock crevices and cave entrances. Reproduction increases when food sources are plentiful and decreases in times of scarcity.


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tawny owl

18 species of owls with irresistible faces (8)

tawny owl (Strix Aluco) is a true owl whose range covers the Palearctic region south to the Iberian Peninsula and east to China. It inhabits habitats from forests to gardens and cemeteries and is one of themmost common owls in England.

Mainly nocturnal, tawny owls hunt for their favorite prey - rodents, birds, insects and amphibians - from dusk to dawn.These non-migratory birds are extremely territorial. They make themselves known by loud screams and attack to defend their nests and broods.


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Great Gray Owl

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Native to Europe and Asia, as well as the northwestern United States, Canada and Alaska, the great gray owl (Misty star) sticks to areas mostly free from human contact. Measuring 24 to 33 inches tall, the great gray owl is one of the tallest owls, although its fluffy feathers give it the appearance of an even larger bird.

This real owl can be easily recognized by its face, which has gray stripes surrounding its two yellow eyes.


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Great Owl

18 species of owls with irresistible faces (10)

One of the mostcommon and adaptableowls in the Americas, great horned owl (Owl from Virginia) is able to grow at altitudes from sea level to more than 3,000 meters. Powerful predators, great horned owls are primarily nocturnal hunters with a varied diet that includes mammals and snakes, as well as other birds and owls.

The distinctive hoot of this true owl is important - paired pairs defend their breeding area with loud and spirited hoots. (Hear the call of the great horned owlvia the Macauley Cornell Library.)


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Northern Owl

18 species of owls with irresistible faces (11)

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Active and aggressive day hunter, northern pygmy owl (Gnoma Glaucidium) is a small true owl that occasionally attacks animals larger than itself. Native to western Canada, the United States, Mexico and Central America, these territorial owls are only about six inches tall.

The northern pygmy owl shares a trait with some other birds of prey: the ocelli. This set of false eyes in the back of the head can deceive the victim and prevent the mobbing birds from attacking.


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Burrowing Owl

18 species of owls with irresistible faces (12)

Not all owls live in trees, like the burrowing owl (Aten tunnels) can testify. This species lives in old ageground squirrel or prairie dog burrow. When hunting at night, it can fly or use its long legs to sprint and grab prey.

These tiny true owls measure seven to 10 inches tall. They inhabit open fields and grasslands in Central and South America and North America from southern Canada to Mexico. Those in the northern part of the range migrate for the winter, while those in warmer, tropical climates are year-round resident.

8 wonderfully weird facts about burrowing owls


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Northern Saw-Whet Owl

18 species of owls with irresistible faces (13)

Humble Eurasian Owl (Aegolius Akkadian) is seven to eight inches tall and isone of the smallest owlsfound in North America. These true owls got their name because their call is like sharpening a saw on a whetstone. (Hear the call of the northern sawtooth owlvia the Macauley Cornell Library.)

Due to their small size and nocturnal nature, these owls are audible but uncommon. Sandfish inhabit forests and feed on small mammals.


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Striped Owl

18 species of owls with irresistible faces (14)

Beautifully marked striped owl (Asius shouted) has distinctive ear tufts in addition to black, white, and cinnamon streaks.

This real owl can only be found in Central and South America. It has a huge range that includes swamps, savannahs and forests. Comfortable at altitudes from sea level to 400 meters, these large owls hide in dense tropical foliage to avoid detection.


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Tawny Owl

18 species of owls with irresistible faces (15)

Tawny Owl(Ketupa flavipes) is found in Southeast Asia and China. These large owls are known for their side-drooping ear tufts and wide-set yellow eyes.

As its common name suggests, this true species of owl feeds on fish as well as other aquatic creatures. Inhabiting areas ranging from subtropical habitats to temperate forests, these birds are always found near rivers, lakes and streams.


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Western Squeaky Owl

18 species of owls with irresistible faces (16)

A relative of the eastern screamer, the western screamer owl (Otus kennicottii) is a real owl that can be found in western North America as far as Central America. The western pooh is most commonly found in open forests or at the edges of forests. The bird nests in hollows dug out and abandoned by woodpeckers.

These nocturnal hunters are well camouflaged in their forest habitat due to the muted colors of the earth.


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spotted owl

18 species of owls with irresistible faces (17)

A large spotted owl with an orange face (Strix seloputo) can be found in several different areas throughout Southeast Asia. The true owl, the spotted owl lives in open woodland or woodland habitats and can usually be found near water. It has a striped coloration that helps it hide in shadowy canopies.

This earless bird feeds mainly on small rodents, which it hunts from perch.


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polar owl

18 species of owls with irresistible faces (18)

Also known in parts of its range as the bohemian owl (Aegolius' funeral) is found in the northern United States, Canada, Alaska and Europe.

This true owl is mostly brown in color with distinctive white spots on the crown. Boreal owls nest in the hollows of the subalpine and boreal forests that inhabit them. Small nocturnal hunters, polar owls hunt small mammals, birds and insects from their perch.

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