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It doesn't matter if you're a new parent or an expert in family business, having a baby can be difficult. It helps if you have a lot of old baby supplies that you haven't gotten rid of yet, but there are times when you can be caught empty-handed when you have to look after a newborn. Let's say you're looking for a new way to carry your newborn and don't want to bother with those heavy synthetic breast vests or thin carriers. Boba Wrap is a great compromise between both.

The Boba Wrap is a simple but long piece of fabric that you wrap around your body. It provides a safe and comfortable way to carry your baby. We will discuss what makes the Boba Wrap "Boba Wrap", the benefits for children, how to use it, the cost and our opinion on whether Boba Wrap is worth it.

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Before continuing, you can watch this video by Babylist on YouTube for a quick review. Then you'll want to read the rest of our article for a more comprehensive Bob Wrap review.

What's different about Boba Wrap?Video on theme: Dumb Wrap Newborn

Many parents, both old and new, may be familiar with the many types of babywearing devices. They can be divided into three types: Sling, Structured and Wraps. Before we get into what the Boba Sling is, let's take a look at the differences between the baby carriers so we can see what sets this full body wrap apart.

Structural carriers are one of the most common carriers. These carriers have backpack-like straps and a structured body made of different materials for flexibility and durability. They can be worn on the shoulders, just like a reverse-mounted backpack. Then you can gently transfer the baby to the main body. For a better fit, leave this area of ​​the seat slightly loose and tighten any adjustable straps.

Structured carriers are helpful because they can be sold in a variety of configurations, with the body on the front or on the back, and whether they face inward or outward. What you gain in durability, you may lose in adaptability as children grow quite quickly and you may find that your structured carrier will outgrow it within a few months.

Slings are one of the most popular types of baby wraps because they are usually just a single strap that goes over the shoulder and around the torso. They basically have the same basic shape that creates a soft sachet that can be used to rock your baby and provides enough support for his neck and back.

The slings differ in the materials that can be used. Despite this, many parents prefer slings made of a slightly stretchy fabric with a ring adjuster, thanks to which you can easily adjust the length of the sling to keep the baby in the right position in relation to the body. You lose some structure here, but gain a lot more flexibility. These slings can generally be adjusted to the age and height of the child. It is still recommended to keep this carrying style for newborns as they are best worn in the cradle position.

The Boba Wrap comes in the form of a baby sling which acts as a kind of middleman between the two types of baby carriers. The elasticity of the wrap allows you to carry children up to 35 months with a slightly larger shape reminiscent of a structural baby carrier. This scarf is usually 16 feet long so you need to be able to manage it. However, with a little practice, you should be able to master the wrap.

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Boba Wrap project

The Boba Wrap design has been unchanged for years. Depending on the materials used, you can expect the Boba Wrap to be at the standard 95%French terry cottonwith the addition of spandex so that the scarf retains some elasticity and shape.

Although body wraps can be made from either this stinky single fabric or more intricate woven constructions, Boba Wraps focuses on its proprietary blend of fabrics to make the wrap easy to use and naturally conform to your body and baby's shape. This four-way stretch allows your baby to be naturally supported without sacrificing flexibility.

For mothers living in warmer climates, a lighter version of the Boba Wrap is available. Here are Boba Serenity scarves, made of bamboo viscose, cotton and spandex. This makes the Boba Wrap lighter to the touch without sacrificing holding power.

Boba Wraps are usually one size fits all, but you can add waist extenders for extra space. Also for people with hip problems Boba Wrap is certified by the International Institute of Hip Dysplasia, which guarantees that this simple device is also safe for the hips. Boba Wrap is available in several colors, from classic gray and black to more daring colors such as various shades of blue, red, pink, green and even some patterned patterns.

Boba also offers classic-style baby carriers for parents who want more control over their children's carriers. They are available in three different collections: Boba Classic 4GS, Boba X and Boba Air.

The Boba Classic 4GS is a classic Boba carrier with supportive and soft sides adapted to the needs of your child. This carrier is perfect for babies and toddlers and can be used front or back.

Boba Air is a lightweight and portable baby carrier made of durable, stretchy fabric. It is best suited for short trips and comes with a hooded pouch and an adhesive cover.

The Boba X sits in the middle of the 4GS and Air and focuses on adaptability and adjustability for your child. This baby carrier can be used by all ages, from newborn to preschooler.

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Which is better for your child?

Parents want to know if the Boba Wrap is better for their baby than traditional carriers. Any suitable carrier should be able to support your child while reducing the weight of the parents. If done correctly, the Boba Wrap can protect your baby while respecting its anatomy.

A properly secured Boba sling can help to ensure an even load on the baby and accommodate the traditional "bent wide legs" position that babies use when carrying. Babies naturally feel attached to their parents. They may even try to imitate their parent's movements when moving and walking. For a more ergonomic experience, make sure the Boba Wrap is well secured and that your baby's legs are tucked in properly.

Another slightly distasteful advantage of using Boba Wrap is the sheer ease of carrying. Some other carriers have far too much to take with them, while the Boba Wrap is easy to fold up and stuff when not in use. The Boba Serenity Wrap is even more compact and packable. These two versions are also easy to care for as each Boba Wrap is machine washable and easy to dry.

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How to use Bob's headband?

We mentioned how difficult it is to use Boba Wrap or any otherbaby scarfcarrier. The fabric is quite long and can be difficult to use in rush situations. Fortunately, Boba Wrap has divided the use of his sling into 2 separate parts: Binding and Holding.


Bonding is the hardest part of the process as it requires the most memorization from the parent. But all you need to do is follow these 8 simple steps and you'll be properly wrapped in Boba Wrap in no time.

  1. Unroll the scarf and place Bob's logo (a handy little position indicator we have) in the center of your chest (where your heart is).
  2. Stretch the ends of the scarf and wrap it around your lower back.
  3. Cross the same ends behind your back, then bring each crossed end over your shoulders and back to front, maintaining the stretch.
    • To avoid unwanted twists, keep the fabric flat.
  4. Grab both ends, now at the front, and slip them over the original scarf you centered over your chest, keeping the tension taut.
  5. Pull both ends down so that the main chest strap comes up and is secured around your body.
  6. Cross the ends again and bring them around your waist all the way to the back.
    • Make sure the cross is above the sternum. Don't worry about leaving room for your baby. Keep your cross area high.
  7. Pass the wrap behind you to secure the crossed sections of the wrap.
    • If the sling can wrap your body once more, let it wrap forward.
  8. Tie a double knot behind or in front of the fabric that stays long.

The scarf should fit snugly, like a well-fitting T-shirt that springs back against the body.

To hold

Now that the sling is tied around the body, it's time to get ready to wrap your baby properly in the sling. Boba Wrap also breaks it down into six simple steps, just like in the tying guide.

  1. Once you feel the sling fits snugly (like a fitted t-shirt), gently place your baby on your shoulder.
  2. Holding your baby firmly, slide his leg under one of the shoulder pads closest to your body.
  3. Extend the shoulder strap to cover your baby's entire bottom, back and shoulder. This can be done by making sure the fabric touches both of your baby's knees.
  4. Now move the other part of the arm around the baby and unfold the fabric again.
    • Be sure to spread the fabric on the back of each child's knees.
  5. Look for the nearest horizontal fabric wrapped around the body and pull it around the baby's legs to the front.
  6. Pull this front panel over your baby's bum and up to his neck.
    • For newborns, make sure all three layers (the two shoulder straps and the horizontal front panel) are touching.

With any carrier, it is important to ensure that your baby is in a healthy and supported position. Even if you put your baby in the right diaper, they may eventually move around and assume more uncomfortable positions. To fix this, do what Boba Wrap calls "Pelvic Tuck". Keep your baby's legs under your bent knees and gently move them towards your body in an upward motion. This will help your baby take a more comfortable position where his weight is evenly distributed.Video on theme: Dumb Wrap Newborn

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What is the cost of Bob's scarf?

Boba Wrap is available for around $40 for the basic version. At this price, you can choose from a range of standard colors, including classic grays and classic blues. Some patterned designs cost $45, which isn't too much for a bit of uniqueness.Video on theme: Dumb Wrap Newborn

Serenity versions cost $59. As we mentioned above, the Serenity wraps are made of a lighter and more breathable fabric that is perfect for warmer climates or humid weather. Bob's structured carriers are a bit more expensive, with prices starting at $69 and going up to $160 depending on the model.Video on theme: Dumb Wrap Newborn

For the United States and Canada, shipping takes approximately 5 days. Customers in Europe can expect delivery in up to 7 days. All US orders are eligible for free shipping. Sometimes free shipping to other countries is available.Video on theme: Dumb Wrap Newborn

Boba allows you to return your purchase within 60 days, at no cost, if you are not satisfied. If you discover a manufacturing defect, all products are covered by a one-year warranty. Boba is available at if you purchase Boba Wrap through a third party.

Our overall impression

The Boba Wrap baby carrier is simple and well designed. It is also very affordable. They focus on using the highest quality materials such as French terry and cottonbamboo viscose, as well as their well-designed carriers, make it much easier to find what you need in a particular case.Video on theme: Dumb Wrap Newborn

The Boba Wrap is a great option if you are interested in other ways to transport your baby than using your hands. You and your baby will thank you for the more natural and ergonomic support the Boba Wrap provides.

You can also rest assured that their website offers a full refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase. It makes this purchase much easier to complete knowing that you can easily get your money back just in case.

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Frequently asked questionsVideo on theme: Dumb Wrap Newborn

Is Boba Wrap safe for newborns?

The Boba Wrap can be safely used for babies and toddlers, depending on the model. The classic Boba Wrap can be used for children aged 18 to 20 months. Structured baby carriers last longer with adjustable straps.

Just make sure you follow the Bob Wrap's instructions and support your baby as he changes position.

Do I have to worry about the heat with Boba Wrap?

Be sure to pay attention to sudden weather changes when using a baby wrap like the Boba Wrap. While mild heat on sunny days should be fine, more intense heat may require the use of lighter fabrics, which can be found in Boba Air and Boba Serenity Wrap.

Always check your baby's comfort while wearing as you need to make sure they are getting enough oxygen and water while you are in the sling.

Is it bad to use Boba wrap too much?

When using any baby carrier for the first time, it is important to exercise caution. You can practice with heavier objects such asBoba Wrapfirst, so that you can adjust the baby's weight.

Use extreme caution when using this carrier. This includes climbing stairs, crossing doors, and turning around corners. This shows the importance of safety tips such as not cooking or drinking hot food, not traveling by car, and not engaging in any activity that could cause minor accidents such as falling or tripping.

There is no limit to how many times you can useBoba Wrap. However, it is important to check the baby carrier for frayed seams and damage to the fabric. This may affect the performance of your carrier.

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Bob Wrap Newborn Movie (2021 Update)? ›

As soon as your baby can hold their head up steadily, usually between 4 and 6 months, you can turn them out to face out in your baby carrier. Some babies can't wait to get a better view of the world, while others may prefer the cozier snuggling position of facing inward for a little while longer.

When can babies face out Boba wrap? ›

As soon as your baby can hold their head up steadily, usually between 4 and 6 months, you can turn them out to face out in your baby carrier. Some babies can't wait to get a better view of the world, while others may prefer the cozier snuggling position of facing inward for a little while longer.

Can newborns be on Boba wrap? ›

They're safe, comfortable and adjustable to fit any body. The Boba Baby Wrap is super soft, snuggly, adjustable and therefore ideal for even the smallest of infants. It's the perfect choice for the first few months of your baby's life, emulating the feeling of your womb.

Can my baby face forward in a boba wrap? ›

1. WATCH THE WEIGHT AND HOLDS. The Boba Carrier is intended for children from 7–45 pounds (3.1-20.4kg), and has been stress tested up to 60 pounds (27kg). Boba carriers are not designed to carry your baby facing out , and we only recommend using our three approved holds (front carry, back carry and the newborn hold).

When can baby face forward in Moby wrap? ›

Baby can be worn facing in from newborn through toddler. Or flip the forward facing once they are 6 months old and have strong head support. Perfect for skin-to-skin contact, early infant bonding, snuggles on the go, and toddler toting – all in cuddly, cozy comfort. Care-free in Cotton.


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