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Whether you're a new parent or a seasoned family veteran, having a new baby can be difficult. While it's a good idea to have some old baby items, there are times when you may have few or no options. Suppose you are looking for a better way to carry your newborn than the usual bulky carriers on the market. Boba Wrap is a great compromise between the two.

The boba wrap is a simple but long piece of fabric that you wrap around your body. It offers a safe and comfortable way to carry your child. We'll discuss what makes a boba wrap a "boba wrap," its benefits for babies, how to use it, the cost, and our opinion on whether the boba wrap is worth it.

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Before proceeding, you may want to check out this video by Babylist on YouTube for a quick overview. After that, you should read the rest of our article for a more comprehensive overview of Boba Wrap.

What Makes a Boba Wrap Different?Boba wrap carrier

Many parents, both old and new, may be familiar with the many types of baby carriers on the market. These can be divided into three types: Sling, Structured and Wraps. Before we dive into what a boba wrap is, let's break down the differences between baby carriers so we can see how this full body wrap differs from others.

Textured backings are some of the most commonly used backings. These are the type of tote bags with backpack-like straps and an entire structured body made of different materials for durability and flexibility. These can be carried over the shoulders much like an upside down backpack. Then you can gently transport your baby onto the main body. For a better fit, leave this seating area slightly loose and tighten all adjustable straps.

Structured baby carriers are helpful because they can be sold in different configurations, where you can have your body on your front or back and decide if they face in or out. What you gain in durability you may lose in adaptability as babies grow fairly quickly and you will find that your structured baby carrier will outgrow it in a few months.

The most popular type of sling is the sling. It's a single strap that wraps around your shoulders and around your body. These are generally the same rudimentary shape that forms a soft pouch to cradle your baby while still giving them ample neck and back support.

There are many materials that you can use when making slings. Many parents prefer slings made of slightly stretchy fabric with ring adjustment. This allows you to easily adjust the length of the sling to ensure your baby is in the correct position for your body. Although you lose some structure, this cloth offers more flexibility. These slings are generally adaptable to your baby as they age and grow. This sling is recommended for newborns as it is best worn in the cradle.

The sling, the category that our Boba Wrap falls into, acts as a kind of middle ground between the two forms of carrying. The Body Sling is flexible enough to carry babies up to 35 months with a slightly different shape not too dissimilar to the Structured Carrier. This wrap is usually 16 feet long so you need to be able to handle it. However, with practice, you should be able to master the wrap.

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Das Boba Wrap-Design

The design of the Boba Wrap has been a standard for years. The Boba Wrap comes in a standard 95% size.French-Terry-Baumwollewith some extra spandex for shape retention.

Although body wraps come in either that smelly single fabric design or more intricate woven fabric constructions, Boba Wraps focuses on their proprietary blend of fabrics to ensure the wrap is easy to use and naturally conforms to the shape of your body and your baby. This four-way stretch allows you to support your baby naturally without sacrificing flexibility.

There is also a lighter, cooler version of the Boba Wrap for moms who reside in warmer climates. These are the Boba Serenity Wraps made from bamboo viscose, cotton and spandex. Your boba wrap will feel lighter but have the same strength.

Boba wraps tend to be one size, but you can add waist extensions for extra room. Also for those with hip issues, the Boba Wrap is certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, ensuring this simple device is safe for your hips as well. Boba Wrap comes in a variety of colors including black and classic grey, as well as more unusual colors like blue, red, pink and green, with some pattern options.

Boba also has classic style baby carriers that parents who want more control over their baby carriers can buy. They are available in three different collections: Boba Classic 4GS, Boba X and Boba Air.

The Boba Classic 4GS is the Boba take on the classic baby carrier with supportive and softly textured walls to meet your baby's needs. This carrier is ideal for babies and toddlers and can be used in the front or the back.

Boba Air is a lightweight and portable carrier made from durable, flexible fabric. This is best suited for short trips and comes with a hood pocket and a self-stash pocket.

The Boba X is halfway between the classic 4GS and the Air, which focuses on adjustability and adaptability for your baby. This carrier can be used for all ages, from newborn to preschooler.

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Which is better for your baby?

The main question most parents want to know about the Boba Wrap is whether it is better for your baby than other traditional baby carriers. Any suitable carrier should be able to support your baby while reducing the weight of the parent. The Boba Wrap, when done correctly, can keep your baby's positioning secure while respecting the baby's anatomy.

With a properly attached Boba sling, you can ensure proper weight distribution between you and your baby, while also accommodating the classic "bent, spread-legged" positions babies assume when carried. Babies naturally feel connected to their parents. You can even try to mimic the parents' movements as they move and walk. For a more ergonomic experience, make sure the Boba sling is securely attached and your baby's legs are properly braced.

The portability of the Boba Wrap is another benefit. Other tote bags are too bulky to carry, but the Boba Wrap easily folds up and stores away when not in use. The Boba Serenity Wrap is even more compact and packs away easily. These two versions are also easy to care for as each Boba Wrap is machine washable and easy to dry.

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How do I use a boba wrap?

We mentioned how difficult it is to use a boba wrap or any otherBabywickelCarrier. It's a relatively long piece of fabric that can be confusing to use, especially when in a hurry. Boba Wrap has broken down the use of their wrap carrier into two distinct parts: tying and holding.


Binding is the most difficult part of the process as it requires the most memorization from the parents. You can quickly wrap yourself in the boba wrap by following these 8 steps.

  1. Unfold the wrap and position the Boba logo (a useful little position indicator we have) over the center of your chest (where your heart is).
  2. Stretch the ends of the wrap and wrap it around your lower back.
  3. Cross the same ends behind your back, then bring each crossed end over your shoulders and back to the front while maintaining the stretch.
    • Keep the fabric flat to avoid unwanted twists.
  4. Take both ends, now in front, and tuck them over the original wrap you centered on your chest while maintaining the stretched tension.
  5. Pull the two ends down so the main chest wrap moves up and secures around your body.
  6. Cross the ends once more and bring them around your waist to the back.
    • Make sure the cross is over your breastbone. Don't worry about leaving room for your baby. Hold the lower back area up.
  7. Cross the wrap behind you to secure the crossed wrap sections.
    • If the wrap can go around your body one more time, let it go all the way to the front.
  8. Tie a double knot behind you or in front of whatever fabric is left long.

The wrap should fit snugly like a well-fitting t-shirt that springs back against your body.


Once you've tied the sling around your body, it's time to properly wrap your baby in the sling. Boba Wrap also breaks this down into six easy steps, similar to the tying guide.

  1. Once you are sure that your sling fits properly around your body (like a fitting t-shirt), gently place your baby on your shoulder.
  2. Hold your baby and move their leg under one of the shoulder pieces closest to your body.
  3. Spread the shoulder strap so that it goes over the baby's entire bottom, back and shoulder. To do this, make sure the fabric touches both of your baby's knees.
  4. Now wrap the second shoulder piece around the baby and spread the fabric out again.
    • Make sure the fabric is spread out from each back side of your baby's knees.
  5. Find the closest horizontal fabric wrapped around your body and pull it forward around your baby's legs.
  6. Now pull this front panel over your baby's buttocks and down to his neck area.
    • For newborns, make sure all three layers (the 2 shoulder straps and the horizontal front panel) meet.

With any carrier, it is important to ensure that your baby remains in a healthy and supported position. Even if you put your baby in the right swaddle, he may move around and get into uncomfortable positions. To fix this, perform what Boba Wrap calls a "pelvic tuck." Hold the baby's legs under the knees and gently move them slightly toward your body in an upward motion. This technique returns your baby to a more ergonomic position where their weight is more evenly distributed around the carrier.Boba wrap carrier

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How much does a boba cloth cost?

The Boba Wrap remains reasonably affordable, with the most basic versions costing around $40. At this price you can enjoy the various standard colors from vintage blue to classic gray tones. You can get some patterned designs for as little as $45, which is a lot for a bit of customization.Boba wrap carrier

The Serenity versions are $59. As mentioned above, the Serenity Wraps have a lighter weight and more breathable material that is perfect for warmer climates or humid weather situations. Structured straps from Boba are slightly more expensive, with prices starting at $69 and going up to $160 depending on the model.Boba wrap carrier

Shipping takes approximately 5 days for the US and Canada. Customers in Europe can expect a maximum delivery time of 7 days. All US orders are eligible for free shipping. There are cases where you can get free shipping to other countries.Boba wrap carrier

If you find that you are not satisfied with your Boba purchase, you can return it to the Boba store within 60 days, free of charge, no questions asked. If you discover a manufacturing defect, all products have a 1 year guarantee. If you purchase your Boba Wrap from a third party, you can quickly contact Boba at for assistance.

Our overall impression

The Boba Wrap baby carrier is simple and well designed. It's also very affordable. Their focus is on using quality materials like French terry cotton andBamboo Viscose, as well as their well-designed straps, make it much easier to find what you need for your particular case.Boba wrap carrier

Boba Wrap is a great option if you are interested in ways to transport your child other than using your hands. You and your baby will thank you for the more natural and ergonomic support the Boba Wrap offers.

Their site also offers full refunds for any reason. Makes that purchase a lot easier to push through knowing you can easily get your money back just in case.

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frequently asked QuestionsBoba wrap carrier

Is Boba Wrap Safe for Newborns?

Depending on the model, the Boba Wrap can be used without hesitation for babies and toddlers. For the classic boba cloth, you can easily use it for newborns up to around 18-20 months of age. Structured straps last longer because of their adjustable straps.

Just make sure to follow Boba Wrap's instructions and support your baby when changing positions.

Should I be concerned about heat with Boba Wrap?

Be aware of weather changes when using a sling like the Boba Wrap. You shouldn't feel too hot on sunny days, but for more intense warmth you may need to use lighter fabrics like the Boba Air or the Boba Serenity Wrap.

Always pay attention to your baby's comfort while wearing it as you need to make sure they get enough oxygen and water while wearing.

Is It A Bad Idea To Use The Boba Wrap Too Much?

It's always good to be cautious when using a new baby carrier for the first time. You might want to practice with heavier items like thatBoba-Wrapfirst so that you can adjust your baby's weight.

You need to be extra careful when using such a baby carrier. These include climbing stairs, crossing doors and turning corners. This shows that safety tips such as not cooking or drinking hot food, not driving, and not engaging in activities that could lead to minor accidents, such as falling or tripping, are important.

Although technically there is no limit to how much you can useBoba-Wrap, always double-check the carrier for frayed seams or damage to the fabric. This can affect how well the carrier performs.

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