Owlet sock not charging when plugged in? - (Simple solution!) (2023)

Owlet sock will not charge when plugged inand you are looking for a solution? No problem!

If your Owlet sock won't charge even when plugged into the charging station, the problem could be related to several factors.

We will go through all the possibilities for the problem and find the best troubleshooting guide to work with.

To fix your owlet sock charging, first check that the sensor cable is properly connected. Next, unplug your base station again and clean the charging outlets on your sock and base station. Finally, reset the base station.

Before moving on to the troubleshooting part, let’s check what could be the owlet sock problem problem you are having.

Why isn't my Owlet charging?

Owlet sock not charging when plugged in? - (Simple solution!) (1)

The problem can be very differentfrom defective owlet sock battery to incomplete current flowinside your Owlet charging station.

We're going to rule out the possible causes of this problem one by one so you can figure out what went wrong with your Owlet sock.

Here are the issues you might encounter with your setup:

1.Problems with the charging cable

A problem with either the cable connecting to your sock's sensor or the cable from the base station itself could be the problem.

2.Problem with the base station

A problematic base station could be the reason your Owlet sock isn't charging at all.

3.Worn out sock battery

There is a chance that the battery in your Owlet sock has failed and is not charging as a result.

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Owlet sock not charging when plugged in? - (Simple solution!) (2)

Once you have separated the sensor from the sock, you must have it properly attached to the charging station in order for it to charge.

5.Hardware error

Problematic hardware of your sensor or base station could be the problem you are facing.

Those were the possible causes of the charging issue you are having with your Owlet sock.

Aside from the possibility of hardware failure, we will try to solve all these possible causes until you find the real reason behind the problem.

how to repairOwlet sock will not charge when plugged in?

Owlet sock not charging when plugged in? - (Simple solution!) (3)

The solutions that are coming are designed for thatFix both your sock and your base stationsuccessively.

Make sure to follow the order of our solutions to end up with the best troubleshooting results.

How to fix your Owlet sock that won't charge:

Solution #1 Turn on the base station from the app

If the sock is not properly charged, there is a high probability that theBase station is not working.

You must activate the device to charge the sock viaOwlet application, which can configure both your station and your socket if needed.

How to activate your Owlet base station for charging via the application in easy to follow steps and instructions:

(Video) How to Setup an Owlet Baby Monitor - Smart Sock 2

  1. On theirSmartphone, access the Owlet application.
  2. Tap thehome screengo there.
  3. Scroll down a bit until you see a section called "base station“.
  4. Tap on itonceand an option labeled "Activate base station“.
note: Make sure you have connected your Owlet sock's sensor to the port on the device during base station activation to see if the issue has been resolved.

Solution #2 Replace the Owlet station cables

Owlet sock not charging when plugged in? - (Simple solution!) (4)

The next thing to try if activating the base station didn't work isReplacing the cables of your charging station.

There is a high probability that either the cable that connects to the sock is defectivemalfunctionor your base station's power supplyleading stream.

With that in mind, follow these steps to learn how to replace your Owlet base station cables:

  1. First close theOwlbase stationwith the power button.
  2. Separate thesockif you already have it connected.
  3. Separate thepower adapterthe base station, along with thedifferent sensor cable.
  4. Have them replaced withnew units.
  5. Connect your sock to thenew sensor cable.
  6. Check.

If you don't want to replace both cables first, try replacingJust the sock sensorCable that charges the sock.

note: The base station uses standard cables that can be purchased at a nearby hardware store at an affordable price.

Solution #3 Connect Owlet to a 2.4GHz network

Owlet sock not charging when plugged in? - (Simple solution!) (5)

There is a high probability that your sock iscan't work at all.

It must be connected to your mobile application via2.4GHz networkyour household and this is the only way for the device to function properly.

Here is how you should connect your Owlet sock to the 2.4GHz WiFi network:

  1. In your Owlet app, go to "Devices” tab.
  2. Find your Owlet sock and tap "Separate“.
  3. When you're done, press the "+”Symboland reconnect your Owlet sock.
  4. Choose yours this time2.4GHz networkfrom the list of available WLANs.
  5. Enter the passcode and you're good to go!

What if I don't have a 2.4GHz network?

Owlet sock not charging when plugged in? - (Simple solution!) (6)

If that's the case, there's an easy way for you to create one. We will now guide you through the entire setup of a2,4-GHz-WLANNetwork on your router:

  1. open thatCMDanPCorLaptop.
  2. Repeat "ipconfig' and find your networkStandard-Gateway.
  3. Paste the following code into yourBrowser.
  4. Use "Administrator” & “Administrator' for login details.
  5. Go toNetwork taband enable a network with the "Add" Taste.
  6. Set the name, password, and sand specifications for the WiFi and theGHz.
note: Do not connect your Owlet sock before creating the network.

Solution #4 Replace the owlet sensor

Owlet sock not charging when plugged in? - (Simple solution!) (7)

What you should do next isreplace the sensoryour owlet sock.

If this problem has not been resolved by now, you should replace the part that charges from the base station, as it has most likely become defective.

(Video) Owlet Dream Sock Baby Monitor Review 2022

For that purpose, you want to buy onenew feelerat an affordable price based on the source you buy it from.

We recommend buying one ofAmazonas, on average of$19,99, again based on the model of your Owlet sock.

note: Make sure to charge the new sensor before attaching it to the Owlet sock.

Solution #5 Reset base station & sock

Owlet sock not charging when plugged in? - (Simple solution!) (8)

When you reset the base station, you are practically restoring the factory settings on yoursOwl sock too.

In this regard, the next thing you should do is reset your base station and try charging again.

To reset your Owlet base station:

  1. Separate thebase stationfrom the socket along with the sock.
  2. Hold down thebase station button.
  3. wait for them4 times to tweetand release the button.
  4. Your base station is now reset.
note: After the base station has been reset you will want to plug your Owlet sock back into it so you can complete the process.

So to fix an Owlet sock that won't charge, first cycle the base station and replace the cables used to power your station. Replace the owlet sensor and reset the base station along with the sock.

bottom line:

Now that you know whyOwlet sock will not charge when plugged inand ostensibly how to fix the problem, we hope we were able to help you.

If you are still having trouble charging your device, please contact Owlet for further assistance!

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Can you replace battery in Owlet sock? ›

You cannot directly replace the batteries on Owlet systems, but you can purchase replacement parts for them, including the sensor unit which we believe to be the battery-operated part of the “smart sock.”

How do you reset Owlet socks? ›

Smart Sock 3: How to reset WiFi
  1. Unplug the base station and remove the sock.
  2. Press and hold the base station button while you plug the base station back in. Keep pressing the button until you hear the base station chirp 4 times. ...
  3. Quickly press the base station button three times (3).
3 Mar 2022

Do you have to charge the owlet sock on the base? ›

A: The battery life of the Owlet is 18 hours - but we recommend that you charge it everyday - you charge sock by plugging it into base station.

Does the owlet sock not work anymore? ›

Can I continue using my Smart Sock? The product's functionality has not changed at this time. We will notify customers of any updates to the Smart Sock products that have already been distributed. Information about the Owlet Care App is available here.

Does the old Owlet sock still work? ›

Once the customers choose to convert to the Dream sock, they will no longer be able to connect their Sock to the Care App and we do not allow for converting back to a legacy Owlet Smart Sock. Legacy Owlet Smart Sock functionality is no longer available.

Why did the FDA cancel Owlet? ›

Owlet is no longer selling its Smart Sock vital sign monitors for babies and toddlers after the FDA informed the company that the devices had been improperly brought to market.

What does owlet sock do when battery dies? ›

If the Smart Sock battery dies, the Base Station will give you a Blue Notification letting you know it is no longer connected to the sock. The Smart Sock will not be able to get readings on your little one's foot after its battery dies, so none of the other notifications will still work.

How do I check my owlet sock battery? ›

Check Battery Life

You can check the battery life in the app. Just go to settings and at the bottom-left corner of the page and you will see a percentage charge left in the sock. Note: Make sure the sock is NOT plugged into the Base Station when you check for battery life.

Why is my Owlet not working? ›

Simply update or redownload your Owlet app and it should start working again.

Will Owlet alarm go off if battery dies? ›

The Smart Sock will not be able to get readings on your little one's foot after its battery dies, so none of the other notifications will still work. Was this article helpful?

How long is an Owlet under warranty? ›

At Owlet Baby Care Inc., we warrant that if you use our products as they are intended, our products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of set up for new products and 6 months for refurbished products (refurbished products may not be available in all areas).

Does Owlet sock light up when charging? ›

Once it has found your little one, it will begin to pulse green slowly, indicating that readings are normal. When you are charging the Smart Sock on the Base Station, the Base will glow a cool white color. This indicates that it is getting a charge and that the Smart Sock is successfully paired with the Base Station.


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